Adventures in Motherhood: My Baby Must Haves...Month 1-3

So here I am at the six month point.  Baby Joe is a suspiciously good good we think he must be planning something.  But even parents of super magical low maintenance babies still need help.  There have been a couple of stand out items that have really assisted us in the last sixth months....some off our registry and some things bought along the way.

From the first three months:

A bassinet/pack n play: being able to just sit up and grab the kid out of the bassinet next to the bed to nurse was swell...especially in those first couple of weeks when it is three in the morning and you can barely get yourself out of bed. We got ours from a friend and we plan to pass this one along.  Seems like an easy thing to acquire from other parents or buy gently used. Or you could use a pack n play instead...and bonus if you opted for the fancy version that has the changing table attachment. It is also nice to have a changing area in your bedroom as well...seriously it is all about getting yourself (and baby) back to sleep as soon as possible.

Itz Been: a little thingy that has buttons that operate four stopwatches to track things like time between naps, diaper changes, feedings, and even which side baby nursed from last.  I bought this with a buybuybaby coupon for about $15.  We found it pretty useful for the first two I don't even now where it is....i am hoping to hunt it down to pass it on.  I am sure there are free apps that do similar things (or good old pencil and paper)...but this worked for us.

Miracle Blanket: Basically a baby strait jacket...but damn this thing worked like a champ.

Wubbanub:  Love this thing. Joe is not a heavy pacifier user even now and was even less accepting of a pacifier in the first three months.  But when it did work to calm him down this was the one he liked.  I like it because if he lets go of it (with his mouth) when in the car seat, it doesn't go rolling away.  It stays in place.  The little animal is easy for him to hang onto now and he often just plays with it like a toy.  It is easy enough to clean too.  I am still trying to hunt down the illusive red dog though.  (we have the turquoise dinosaur currently). (Kitty also likes him too)

Baby Paper:  Oh man this kid loves his baby paper.  It is his is also nice and portable and simple.  Also I think that would be easy for crafty people to make themselves.  My cat also approves of this one.

Baby Gowns/sleep sacks: Once again...its is crying and needs a diaper change.  You do not want to be futzing with snaps and footies and uncooperative limbs.  If you can...get some with mittens cuffs. (see next entry).

Baby cotton mittens: Trimming tiny baby nails is terrifying...but they grow fast and are velociraptor sharp.  Mittens will keep baby from scratching you and himself.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets: These are amazing...both beautiful and soft.  Good for swaddling, as nursing cover ups, car seat or stroller blankets, hell...they are pretty enough to be fashion shawls.


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