Tonner Convention 2015-Thursday Round Up

So it is still a little weird for me to be sitting at my desk and NOT at the Tonner Convention this year. Le sigh. But my bank account is mighty appreciative...and my stress levels.  I can't imagine negotiating my vendor table last night with the newborn parent sleep levels I have..and also just keeping the baby fed while at a convention.  Insanity.  So yeah it was a good choice to skip it and I can be wistful from a far.

At registration, attendees received a MONSTER bag...looks a bit like a hat box.  According to the Tonner Blog, it has two doll sleeves inside (whatever that means).

I have been told that instead of a thank you doll, volunteers received a $150 gift certificate and early access to the Tonner salesroom.

The Ice Cream Social Thursday night program featured a red and white striped Tonner team and a barber shop quartet.  The centerpiece dolls were Matt 2.0, Cami, and Jon all in red and white late Victorian era clothing.  The ladies outfits would be swell on Queen of Hearts (of course she would have to be transplanted to an Antoinette body to wear them).  Matt 2.0 was last seen, I believe, as the Air Captain at the Flights of Fancy convention.  He looks a bit surly with this face paint.  These three are a nice grouping and I like that they all have hats and the ladies have earrings.  I am sure they were brutally priced though...still waiting to hear about the final damages.  The souvenir doll was a Victorian Basic Cami...I am guessing limited to 300 or 350...still waiting for confirmation.

Have I mentioned how I am SICK OF CAMI?  Well I am sick of her.  There are so many other gorgeous molds.  Why not use that lovely Lana mold for the Victorian Basic???? I don't think we have seen it since the Sun Moon & Stars Convention?  I know people love Cami...but you can have too much of a good thing people!

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