Integrity 2014 Reveal ANTICIPATION!!!!

Well, tomorrow will be exciting!  The first big webinar reveal for Integrity is at 11a central!  I plan to have cozy cup of coffee and my wee lad on my lap for viewing.  We have already been informed that the lines will include Poppy, Tulabelle, FR, and Jem!  This might be utterly brutal on my bank account (even more reason why I am glad I skipped the Tonner Convention).

I already know that the Jem line is a done deal for me.  I am expecting to see Clash and Video in this round...possibly Regine in a lower edition size like they did with Astral in the last round.  I know people are hoping for Eric or TechRat...but I wonder if we won't see them until the Homme body redesign is complete?  Although it would make more sense to me to keep all the fellas in the Jem line on the same body.  It's all I will buy whatever they want to sell me from the Jem line.

This is supposed to be a re-launch of sorts featuring the core eight girls (Vero, Agnes, Vanessa, Natalia, Kyori, Adele, Eugenia, and Elise...I think) on the snazzy FR 2.0 body.  I think we are all a little confused what any of that hopefully we get some clarification.  It is highly likely I will want at least one Fashion Royalty doll if they do that Urban Safari thing with the mainline collection. I don't want to repeat any sculpts I already have if at all possible.  Right now I have the Club Safari Vanessa coming and then the retro Hollywood glam girls from the 2013 Convention (Vero, Natalia, and Kyori).  I also have the hair workshop Elise who is a stunner.  I am open to extra Elise's though.  I really want an Agnes too.  She has often been the Webinar Club I have my fingers crossed for a tan skinned urban safari giftset Agnes!  I am also keeping the door open for purchasing a doll for the outfit and then selling her off nude.  We shall see.  If the webinar exclusive doll is a limited lottery and I don't get her...I will be beyond frustrated.

I am going to do my very best to hold out on Tulabelle this time.  I have three already and I love them...but the majority of them went on sale for much less than what I paid.  So I could have waited.  I plan to take a chance and wait for sales or outfit splits.  But you never know when something might became a MUST HAVE.

Poppy Parker
The Poppy Parker, Girl from I.N.T.EG.R.I.T.Y. Spy Collection is the wildcard here.  I have been on the verge of getting rid of all my Poppies (save for the Sabrina version and I still have good old tuxedo Chip).  I still have the blonde City Sophisticate Poppy in her box and keep going back and forth on whether I will keep her.  I need to cut back on doll lines that I collect and while Poppy is always cute and tempting...she can also be darn tricky to order. Whenever I do get one, her resale values make her tempting to purge too.  I like this big haired blonde gal...but I am holding out for a redhead.  (I was thwarted last time and did not get the Switzerland doll).  Grumble.  I am waiting for a big Barbarella red-hair girl in an Emma Peel cat suit.  The first doll in this series, the mod club gal, did nothing for me.  So I wait for tomorrow with mixed feelings: both hoping and not hoping that there will be something that I like....and both hoping and not hoping that I will actually be able to order one before she sells out.

So either tonight or tomorrow morning, I will do my traditional webinar prep:

  1. decide on a budget
  2. review the club coupons
  3. prepare several emails to my usual vendors with my basic info and the coupons included and save to drafts (that way I can get my orders out in a snap).
  4. look at the dolls that I already have and decide if any need to leave
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