Adventures in Motherhood: DIY Diaper Covers Round Two

I made another round of diaper covers. This time I opted for the snap tool to use as closures.  I found that the velcro smashed the fold over elastic too much after a few uses.  I also had an incident where the velcro rubs the baby's leg pretty bad so I'm trying to avoid that by using the snaps.  One word of caution, be sure you have the right end of the snap because you can't take it back.  After realizing that I put the wrong end of the snaps on one of the side of the diapers there was no way I could get the snap off without tearing apart the diaper itself.  One nice thing about the snaps is that they seem like they will be more customizable for the baby.  I also won't have to worry about the velcro tearing apart other laundry in the machine.

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