My first box from Citrus Lane

I am pretty chuffed. The first box arrived today...only a few days from my due date..and after a horrible day at work. Inside was a sunny yellow tissue wrapping and some great goodies.  There is a cute bodysuit in size 3/6 months, juice beauty hand cream, a boon silicone feeder, and a story board book with an owl on it!  So the feeder seems neat...i guess you put mushy fruit or veggie pulp in it and it will ooze out holes while the baby holds it in his mouth.  I bet some cold mushy fruit pulp in there might be nice for teething babies too.  The board book is cute and goes nicely with my owl theme nursery. Bodysuits are totally useful and the print is really adorable on this one from the Tea Collection.  And I love the Juice Beauty line already...and hand cream is totally needed with all the constant washing I will be doing.  Plus some coupon codes for discounts from some of these same brands...all in all..nice stuff and I am pleased.

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