Integrity 2014 Reveal: Dynamite Girls Love Revolution

Man...adorable abounds in the new DG collection.  Integrity really knocked this one out of the park.  First, the boys are great AND they kicked up the edition size to 750 so more people were able to get their hands on them...but it seems like they have still sold out even with the larger size. The prices have gone up but I still could not resist Auden with his Gaultier sailor vibe.  I think he will go nicely with my Baby It's You Chip doll with his brunette pompadour hair!!!

Tooka was the surprise runaway hit of the bunch and darn near impossible to find now.  That owl dress is the cutest and her hair is fabulous.  I think its fun to see R&D Susie in the mix and I am in love with that red leather jacket.  She will be a R&D/IT Direct Exclusive and available for pre-order from IT soon.  I have not been collecting the DG Girls since I have been focusing on the Jem dolls (and their different size body) as well as the newer FR girls and the latest body update for them as well.  If they could share clothes and shoes easily....I would most certainly be in trouble.

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