Integrity 2014 FR16 Line-GORGEOUS

Some new faces this time for the FR16 line and all of them in cocktail or evening wear.  I was most taken with Elsa Lin in the red...and it seems like she is the best seller of the bunch. I adore the Elsa sculpt but I am also a big fan of the Anais sculpt.  It is also wonderful to see how different these girls can look just by changing their skin tone, hair color, and facial screening.  All of these are about $175 with an edition size of 300.  I managed to resist ordering as I knew I would be dropping cash on the Jem dolls...but if any of these show up later in the year on sale, I might just bite.  They aren't cheap, but for $175 you are getting a stunning couture fashion (note FASHION....none of these are fluffy gimicking costumes and they are all highly detailed garments with added embellishments)  coming with rooted well done hairstyles and unique facial screening, amazing jewelry, handbags, and other accessories like fur stoles, gloves, and cocktail hats!

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