Baby Crafts: DIY Breast Shields!

I decided to make some more boob pads...but some quick and dirty ones this time. I used a mayonnaise lid as the pattern and cut one later in white PUL fabric and another in white polar fleece. I basted the two layers together and then did a three thread serge around the edge of each.  I imagine you could skip the batting if you used a temporary fabric adhesive spray and then went straight to the serger...but then you would likely want to wash these before using them.

Polar fleece is usually a good wicking material in addition to being soft next to the skin. The PUL is waterproof  to help with leakage and with only two layers and a served edge, these are pretty thin.  I made six pairs and there is still a ton of material left (I purchased  a quarter yard fleece remnant for $3 and a yard of PUL with a 50% off coupon for $6/yard). It took about 15 minutes to complete and I estimate the cost to be less than a fifty cents a pair.  

I might make a small zip 'wet bag' for these to stick in my purse in case I need a change during the day. I imagine these will need to be washed in a lingerie bag as well.

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