W Club Lunch Q&A with Chris Stoeckel

The lovely purple centerpiece info....VR was part of the French resistance...Hollywood had made a movie about her life and this is what she wears to the premiere.  Everyone can purchase her that attends. 

I will keep updating this.

They gave Luanne a gorgeous black OOAK version of the Natalia from last night...

The VR Scoop...

Moving to the late fifties. Theme is the couture fashion show with more of a wardrobe feel with clothes for all the times of the day.  VR traveling to Montreal and to the Chez Paree club. 

Friends?  Not anything planned at the moment. 

Chris does read the forum....

Every year has a specific theme. This year was traveling...

Chris is makeup challenged so he thanks Vaughn and Percy for helping. The new guy Jesse had designed Victoire's new makeup.

There will be an exclusive Victoire for the club in 2014.

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