Saturday morning at convention

So I still have not adjusted to the time change and wake up around 6a like clockwork. I got dressed and decided to browse the windows at the fancy mall next door. Tis fancy indeed. I was covetous of everything in the window at Calypso St. Barth. I have not seen that store back home. I will need to investigate.

Then I found the grocery store deli and got myself a light breakfast of pineapple and an almond Danish. Now to go back to convention and finish raffle tickets and competition voting.   I have not even taken a picture of my entry yet! I did a grey silk and lace dress on Mais Oui Giselle. She is the last doll right before the dioramas.

The raffle stuff is mighty tempting. I will fall over dead if I get the Lilith and Eden set....that would be amazing. I heard rumors of people spending over $600 bucks on raffle tickets trying to get the one of a kind dolls I imagine. Crazy talk. It only takes one ticket so I keep hoping that good karma will be with me today. The drawing is right after the W Lunch today.

Everyone is all a worked up about the W Lunch....the common worry (and hope) is that there will be a ton of extra dolls to buy today at the lunch. Lots of people are still hoping for Vanessa and Giselle. I would be darn surprised if we don't see them today.

Still no idea what the convention doll will be. Most people think Vanessa. I am hoping for Giselle or Tatyana.

We also think we're getting an outfit to go with the Monogram we got at registration. There are pictures and an Ebay auction floating around with a cream lace skirt and accessories that match her.  That would be pretty neat.  I think if we do get it, anyone that had already sold or traded the Monogram will be bummed. Patience can be a virtue even in the doll world.

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