Post Poppy Lunch Chilling

We got an adorable little brunette Poppy with a silver dress and eye makeup at the luncheon. I am sure everyone will die for her.  I am so looking forward to this Poppy Spy lineup for 2014 though...might keep my Poppy collection on hold until then to save on space and funds.

I got in line for the salesroom right after the lunch but it was pretty bare. From the lokks like a few of the dolls are gone (poppy and i think Natalia?)...i was pretty close to the front so there are likely more sellouts by now. They only had the victoire roux and monogram workshop dolls left..and only a few of those. I was hoping for the Elise but no dice.  They still had more ticket Anjas and FR shoe packs...but otherwise it looked like the rest were sold out.

I went and layered more raffle tickets and looked at the competition dolls. Lots of sparkle. I made a a grey purple silk chiffon and lace ball gown for Mais Oui Giselle. I don't stand a chance though. People went crazy with glitter but there is some interesting stuff.

Now I am lying in the room hoping people stop by for room sales...and trying to nap a bit in between door knocks.

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