Poppy Luncheon Update

The centerpiece doll is inspired by an Audrey Hepburn fashion. Six people had the chance to buy it.

It is Poppy's five year anniversary. 
David Butry gave us a brief history of 
Poppy's looks over the years.  For the future, 
Poppy is going to move into acting in the sixties. She moves to 
Hollywood and joins a tv series...as Agent Lana Danger with a twin brother and sister. The idea is inspired by James 
Bond, Get Smart, etc.

The first doll in this collection will be the club upgrade doll. There will be lots of 
Poppy dolls. Loni is coming back. 
Poppy might be getting a high heel foot.

16 Poppy will also get a collection again. 
There no plans now for a 16 Darla.  

Tulabelle is coming back. 
There will be more crossover fashions. 
I.e. the Fashion Creature doll is wearing the 16 version of The Happening

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