My Jem Collection Revealed!

Now I am crap at taking please forgive.
Finally got my Jem dolls out and displayed in the new apartment (much to my husband's chagrin).  I still want to get a glass cabinet, but who knows when that will ever happen. Le sigh.  Ideally i would use a whole book case with a glass door and each band would get a shelf with one shelf a 'swing' spot for re-creating videos or scenes from the show.  This is all in my copious spare time mind you....

So I still have not added Broadway Magic nor have I gotten my Stingers out of there boxes more photos to come.  I put together the stage from Broadway Magic but I ended up being not so impressed with it.  It looks cool, but its a wee bit flimsy for my taste.  I am trying to think of ways to reinforce it so it won't wilt in the summer humidity of Chicago.  Maybe heavy foamcore and balsa would do the trick?  Hmmm.  In the meantime, I have been using the fantastic boxes as the doll stages.  I think it works quite well and helps reduce the amount of empty boxes I have to store.

I used Declan from the Color Infusion convention line as Techrat.  I also made Laka Orion into the Glitter n Gold Jerrica.  I think she is gorgeous and her haircolor is absolutely spot on with this fashion and with Glitter n Gold Jem!  I am still debating if I should keep the Tilda Brisby doll as a possible custom for one of the other characters (maybe Astral or Lindsay Pierce?  She seems too bitchy to be Video?).  With the line being extended for another year, I am expecting to see some of the peripheral personalities and would hate to do all the work on a custom only for Integrity to make one of them for realzies.  
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