Convention Round Up...Jem, Agnes, Style Lab, Lilith fever..

So...evidently I passed on the doll everyone is wild for...the Lilith from IT Direct. Honestly she did not do it for me...oh well.  I did not get a Eugenia centerpiece last I might have a good chance at the poppy one today.  Its doubtful i would want to keep her...but one never knows.    I am hoping we get an awesome Gisele or Erin at some point...or Imogen.  We haven't seen Kyori or Vanessa yet either.

Can't remember if I mentioned this in my last post but evidently many of the sculpts from the style lab are from the Jem line! I need to get home to compare them...but that is fun.  And another friend asked Vaughn at Integrity...why the purple skin dolls? The answer was that they had a bunch of Synergy bodies left...and it was why not?  I love it. They are fun and different dolls...i love that Integrity takes some fun chances and listens to its collectors.

Oh and last night Alain confirmed that they have the Jem license for another year! I think the chances of getting some of those other characters is good...what is bad is the amount of money and  shelf space that is going to eat. But I think we can rest assured in getting Jetta, Raya, Eric, Clash, Video, Danse, and some more Jem variations now. Maybe even some of the boys.

He also confirmed that they would do more webinar workshops in the coming year for the club. Fun.

Still unsure of who I am keeping. Both of the Agnes dolls are cool...right now i am leaning toward the blonde...mostly because i love the glasses and she looks so darn over it....which i love...but the tan Nightfall is also awesome.  The Monogram is nice but not my style.  I really like the blonde Vero...but still waffling.

The salesroom will be a free for all this morning so we will soon know what is hot by what sells out in a jiffy.  Overall the dolls we have seen have been amazing...not even one stinker yet...I was tempted to get everything...but reality slapped me in the face.  There are still two days and four events to go...weeeeee!

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