Black Friday Shenanigans...Couch Potato Capitalism

So, in years past I have done the whole wake up at 3a and wait in lines thing.  Now since so many of the stores are opening on Thursday, my system has changed.  I am not about to go shopping on Thursday...but I did actively hit the online deals pretty hard.

So I need more makeup like a hole in the head, but it is sort of my weakness...I cannot stop myself.  I indulged in the deals at Ulta and got a couple of things for me (Organix Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner and the More Big Curls hot rollers...a steal at $16)  but mostly scored gifts for my student workers (sparkly nail polish sets for $2.99) and the swell Urban Decay palette for $16 as another gift for someone in the family.  If you ordered online, there was a 10pc free bag too...which was a nice bonus.  I had $17 in rewards money to use so all in all it was a good haul.  Sadly they were out of the thing that I really wanted online, the Benefit Lip Lotto 3 for 1 lipstick.  But, huzzah!  They still had them when I went to the store in person today so I was able to snag one for me and one as a gift. They also had a big bowl of perfume samples up for grabs.  Winner winner chicken dinner.  I love Benefit lipstick and three lipsticks for $18 was a crazy good deal.  I already had one of the shades but I can always drop that on ebay or something....or use it as a stocking stuffer for someone else.

Then onto had published the 'Dealtopia' $10 items on pinterest this week so I already knew I wanted several things.   I hung out on the website until I could get in a little after midnight and was able to get all the items I wanted before things sold out.  They added some more things this morning too!  So of course I went back for more.  I have been wanting to try the Tarte Marajuca Oil stuff for awhile and this seemed a good chance to get it.  I also bought some crazy green glitter nail polish for the holidays.  They had a cute purse with samples that I added to the first order and the second order I got a deluxe mini as an extra.

DSW was sort of lacking in deals this time...usually there is a discount code or something.  They did have a free tote bag thing.  I have bought so many shoes recently for work and for my puffier pregnant feet that I am swimming in  rewards coupons.  I was also desperately in need of new sneakers so I used the rewards to get some cute new ones.  Only had to pay $5.  Nice!

Wilde Imagination lured me into buying an outfit for Tulabelle with the sale plus 15% off plus free shipping.

Kohl's online is where I get a lot of stuff for my husband.  The man loves his Levis and being a super tall dude, it ain't easy finding his size in stores.  They had them on sale and 15% off the Kohl's cash thing to use next it is really the best time to get them.  Also got him a new sweater, flannel shirt, a bears stocking cap, a dress shirt, a fox themed outfit for the unborn child, some new bath towels, fair isle texting gloves for me, and a festive owl sweater for me as well.  I came away with $45 in kohl's cash which I might use to get some more crap for the grub room or possibly a memory foam pillow?  We shall see.

Since my credit card was already lit on fire...I then hit Victoria Secret.  I have an Angel card there and was able to get some of the black friday deals (along with the free black friday tote early) and indulged in some larger size long jane jammies and slippers for my more girthy self. Being a savvy and probably greedy online shopper, I know how to work the system there.  If you space your orders out, you can get a better deal with the coupons and then you also can get more than one of the tote bags. I plan to give one as a gift and then either keep one for me or send two to ebay.  My first order was for two sets of the early Pink holiday perfect zip hoodies and holiday boyfriend sweatpants that I find so very comfy these days (but never leave the house while wearing). I used the 15off100 code plus free shipping and then the bag.  A pretty good deal altogether.  Order number two found me indulging in new long jane jammies in an XL size to go over my more girthy self this holiday.  I used the free slipper code to get a matching pair.  I also got some slipper socks and my most favorite sport socks (super pricey for socks...but darn if they aren't comfortable for working out....).  I used the free shipping code, the slipper code, and then got yet another tote bag.  I thought I was all done then...but then they added a different black friday deal to the PINK site for yoga leggings and pullover hoodies.  Soooo.....I went back and got a pair of leggings to go with the grey zip hoodie that I ordered on wednesday and a mint hoodie and leggings.  I used the free shipping code again, the tote code, and then I had an Angel Reward to knock $15 off the price.  I considered going in person to the store today....but then decided to wait to get the new bras that I need (again size change due to baby) later in December when they have one of those events and a makeup bag giveaway.

Speaking of the impending grub, I was happy to see a few of the things that I need for him on the black friday flyer for Babies R Us. I am planning to do his room around an owl/woodland critters theme.  I had a Graco pack n play on my registry that had owls on it....but then saw that they had the Graco Harlow version for only $50...which is like 40% off the regular price.  AND it also has owls on it!  Done and done.  I ordered it online and got free shipping.  They also had a deal on baby laundry detergent that was not available online, so I knew I would need to brave the madness in the store today.  I arrived at about 8:45a and it seemed to be only slightly crowded.  This is a combined babies/toys r us...which was handy for me because I could get some toy shopping done for my nephew.  Nabbed a giant dump truck for Korben but failed to find the thing for my niece.  Toys are a mystery to me...I wandered that place forever trying to find this mcstuffin bag and then gave up.  It turns out this is a 'hot toy' this year.  Se la vie.  Onto baby the detergent, some baby wipes, and a digital video monitor for half price from my registry.  Win.  They also gave you a $10 gift card for spending $75 in the store.

After Babies R Us, I made the Ulta run and then popped down the street to Old Navy.  They had 50% off the whole store and I was hoping to get a maternity winter coat but sadly this store did not have a maternity department and the line was RIDICULOUS.  So I passed.  There was a Bath and Body next door though.  I went in there thinking I would not get anything and walked out with four peppermint candles for $10 each (normally $22) to give to my mom and co-workers.  They had these bags filled with full size products for $20 and I gave into one of those.  Might keep a few things for myself and use the rest for gifts.

Last stop was Jo-Ann.  I was not as impressed with the deals this year.  Usually they have 50% off the notions but sadly no dice.  I had hoped to find fabric for baby curtains and stuff like that...but the fabric that had the best potential was only $2 it was better to wait for it to go off sale and use a coupon on it instead.  I got a couple of yards of muslin half price to use for draping and flat patterning class, two yards of cute critter juvenile knit fabric, and eight yards of owl flannel to make a sheet for the pack and play and for the bassinet that a friend gave us.  I was bummed to find the 25% off your purchase did not included magazines...I was waiting to buy the newest Jane Austen Knits and the Downton Abbey Knits this weekend.  Bummer.

And I think that was it...phew.  I plan to get the rest of my gifts from the small businesses in Lincoln Square and make a few things as always.  Since we aren't going to San Francisco for Christmas this year, I will have to mail stuff early....which means my crafting window is cut a little short.   STRESS.  Plus my carpal tunnel is flaring up like crazy. Ugh.

Oh there is your capitalism round up.  I was home by noon and took a nap.  Doing things online was way easier (plus I was able to earn some money for my theatre via igive and for myself via chase cash back reward mall thingy)...and for the most part, I probably got better deals, less stress, and way easier on my rotund self.

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