W Club Exclusive: Broadway Magic Jem

We finally were able to order our Jem exclusive club doll.  For the most part, the response has been positive.  Everyone is wild for the stage playset.  That was a total surprise and an AMAZING extra to come with this doll.  The price was also an amazing positive (especially considering the playset).  This is also a pretty faithful recreation of a fan favorite dress from the show and also a nice soft new makeup look for Jem that reflects her look in the episode.  The side sweep on the hair is also a nice touch and she comes with some great new accessories (wireless mic will be the best thing ever). All that being said...and I am totally happy to get her...I was left feeling "whelmed"...when I wanted to be "overwhelmed" like I was when I saw Glitter and Gold.  Le sigh.  I was really holding out for a flipside fashion giftset and a Jem doll that utilizes the snazzy new quick change system.  And this dress is not my favorite.  While fine on the show (and this is a wonderful recreation of it)...it is very pink and Babs-like. Oh well.  Fingers crossed that we will see a giftset in the next wave.  They keep putting out these amazing sets for the movie licenses...and I just want the same thing for Jem.

Item #14042
2013 W Club Exclusive Dressed Doll  
Special W Club Suggested Price: $119.00
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Fall 2013
Edition Size: To Be Announced (Edition size will be based on total pre-orders received)
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