Ahhhh!  Intergrity announced that Hasbro will again be torturing loyal Jem fans everywhere by selling an AMAZING Glitter & Gold Jem doll at their booth at this year's 2013 San Diego Comic Con.  She retails for $140 and comes with an extra outfit for Jerrica as well.  The outfit is amazing and soooo much like the box art.  I also love the two tone pink and golden blonder hair this time.  Perfection. The base is gold and the box art has been redone to work with the theme as well.  I will absolutely die if I cannot get one.  I am hoping that the edition numbers this time around are larger than for Hollywood Jem. (Which incidentally, I have finally acquired...with pain and much money).  I hope that if I jump early this time I will find one on ebay for a reasonable amount.  Or perhaps some friend going will take pity on me.

To sweeten the pot...or pour lemon juice on the wound (i cannot decide which), Integrity will be releasing Glitter & Gold Rio as an Integrity Direct Exclusive.  THIS IS NOT THE W CLUB JEM EXCLUSIVE!  People have been losing their minds about that....we are getting another Jem at some point this year.  Though many of us were expecting that to be Glitter & lots of fans are sad.  The reality is that not everyone is going to get her.  The reality is that lots of jerkface scalpers are going to make a ton of bank off of us diehard loyalists that must own all the Jems.  The reality is...well...that is how it has always been with Integrity.  We collectors often don't get the doll we so desperately want unless we are willing to fork over a lot of cash.  Karma does not often apply to doll collecting.  The world of genuine molded plastic is a battlefield.

So back to G&G members will have a bonus 24 hour window on Tuesday July 16th to buy him before the rest of the heathen masses on Wednesday, July 17th via  So there's that...though many folks are wondering what they are going to do with Rio if they can't get the Jem to go with him.  He will look a bit of the doofus in his gold lame tails without a sparkly Jem to go with him.  The edition sizes were not included in the email from we can only hope there are A LOT...and that the leftover Jems will go on sale post SDCC on  Unlike Mattel/MattyCollector, Hasbro is not doing the pre-sale thing of convention exclusives.  It sort of boggles the mind sometimes.

Rio retails at $119 and comes with some wonderful extras.  I especially love that the album is gold!

So yeah.  If i don't get them both..I might resort to desperate measures.  Many people are discussing buying more than one Rio in the hopes that they could trade him for a Jem.  I doubt that will work.  At least a still have a Classic Jem in the box that I have been hoarding for this very moment...Hoping someone will want to trade the original for the G&G version. A girl can dream right?
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