Tonner Mainline Release Wednesday Feb. 6th! Wishlist...

Check it out here.
Wonder Girl- By Allison Sohn
I am excited to see the new ballet dolls.

What am I wishing for?

Hmm...I asked on facebook whether they had the rights to the City of Bones film and though it was not confirmed, it was also not denied.  So I remain hopeful that this is one of the new licenses.  We shall see.

I really want a Lily skinned ballet Nu Mood body.  I would also LOVE to have a Nu Mood version on the Antoinette body.  I really like that body and would love to have the interchangeable feet for those dolls.  I would love to see a Nu Mood man doll as well with one of the good mandoll sculpts out there and give him the ballet feet and all the hands.  I would LOVE to get more hands for my superhero dudes as well.

I would love some sort of Downton Abbey era doll.

I am looking forward to the new Wizard of Oz dolls but likely won't be getting them as they don't really fit in the collection.

Obviously I always hope for more DC Stars.  I am not very interested in more 22" girls though as I lack the room.  Though it boggles the mind that they have not done a 22" Harley Quinn.  She would sell like HOTCAKES.  That might be the one character save for Wonder Woman that I would buy.

 In 16" dolls, I keep holding out for a Cassie Wonder Girl maybe using the Mera sculpt or another open mouth sculpt.  I would love to get another version of Harley as well.  Actually I think more villain characters would be great.  I would love to another round like the Woman of Power set in fancy dresses.

I decided a bit too late that I want to have a 22" Goth America Model...sadly she is now sold out.  I hope there is another version that I like as much as this last Deluxe Version...or that someone gets tired of her and sells me one.  Le sigh.
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