Tonner Convention "Age of Innocence" Registration Open

Here is the scoop:

Welcome to the gilt, glamour and intrigue of The Age of Innocence-the Tonner Doll Company 2013 Collector's Convention!  We'll explore times past both real and imaginary and from whimsical childlike innocence to sophisticated elegance.  This magical weekend begins on May 16th and will be filled with honest-to-goodness merriment--and you just may have the time of your life!

Robert Tonner and staff have packed this whirlwind weekend full of delightful fun.  We'll visit candy land and Dr. Seuss; we'll time travel to the Gatsby-esque elegance of the 1920's and the swinging sixties and meet in the grand ballroom for the enchanting Carousel Ball.  And that's not all!  Back by popular demand, a Dessert party where we can dance the night away! 

And let's not forget the Wilde side of things, where the absence of innocence prevails!  This year's Wilde Imagination event is included with your Tonner Convention registration, and the dolls will be available for purchase.   Effanbee's little sweetheart will be making an appearance too, resplendent in her wide-eyed glory, and she's as innocent as a lamb!

Each attendee will receive a splendid 16" fashion doll souvenir-one of the most exquisite to date!  We will also feature a tremendously stocked sales room, flourishing favors, an impressive OOAK Charity Auction and the stupendous Raffle Room  at a new and improved time - This year, we will be holding the raffle BEFORE the Carousel Ball banquet, leaving MORE time for dancing!  In addition, registration includes 3 meal events and a dessert event! 

Revisit a more innocent age and join Robert Tonner and company for a timeless Tonner Convention, won't you?  $50 holds your seat, so sign up now!

Here are my thoughts...

I am excited for this theme in theory.  I am hoping for a swell corset style basic doll.  The Carousel banquet makes me think we are going to get something like last year's an Antoinette body/Cami face done up like a fantasy horse on a carousel.  Maybe a Carousel Barker as a companion...etc.  Meh.  But then again, I cannot remember the last time I kept the souvenir doll from convention???? Possibly never.  I have no interest in Dr. Seuss either.  I am holding out hope for the Swinging Sixties and Gatsby mentions.  I like both of those eras.  Sounds like there is no comic book shenanigans this time.  Too bad.  I will still go though and get a table in the salesroom.  Hopefully they won't screw over the dealers this time around and open the Tonner room at the same time.  Brutal.  

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