Tonner 2013 Gossip

Following the West Coast event this weekend, there is quite a bit of new information floating around on the doll boards.  I will break it down for you...of course this is all hearsay at the moment.

Tonner will be at Toy Fair this year in early February.

Harry Potter
-no mas.

-A new scarlett in a red dress.

-possibly more furniture in the works
-painted eye Pru doll
-another feeling drained ellowyne
-sixties themed outfits
-Relative Find lacey gown
-Just Peachy outfit
-seems likely that Freddy is coming

-possibly some furniture coming.

-Another Glinda and more witches but not based on the new movie.  dang.

-this is the new line based on the vintage doll.  The sculpt has not been completed.  If that is the case, I wonder if we will be seeing her at all at the May Convention?

New Licenses
-Carmen Dell'Orefice celebrity doll.  Possibly a 1950s version and the 'mature' version.  Either would be pretty cool.  
-More Ballet Dolls-Wood Nymph, outfits, not NYCB
-A Christmas Story Ralphie doll

American Models
-Get two new long outfits and one is called Moonlight waltz.

Cami & Jon
-getting an Chinese friend named Liu?
-more basic dolls in red, white, and blue themes

-more wigged basic dolls-Tyler & Sydney
-Classic Elegance Tyler
-All Drama Sydney

-painted eye Evangeline

Warm Bodies
-Zombie R and the Julie were on display and pending approval

-24" resin dolls are finally coming in the summer

DC Stars
-22" Poison Ivy Doll

-Vamp Bella in her 'battle' outfit

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