Stand down...All Pre-orders confirmed

A feeling familiar to all Integrity collectors...the dreaded wait.  From the moment that you see the gorgeous new dolls and then frantically email a variety of dealers (trying in vain to optimize your W Club dealer coupons while also trying to be loyal to your wonderful local dealers)....then you have to sit and wait....and wait...and wait...and squirm...and then wait some more.  Some get back to you in a jiffy and you can take a small breath in relief...others are longer.  Now during this wait, you start to second guess yourself...What if you miss out?  What if they sell out while you are waiting?  Why did you order so many to begin with?  Ugh. Then finally, you get a pleasantly worded confirmation email.  Down payments are placed.  You can finally sit back and relax and spend a restful night dreaming of all the new beautiful things coming to you shortly...

UGH!  Coming TOO you have to worry about paying for all these darn pre-orders which will most certainly arrive during the same week that you just had to replace the transmission on your car.

Doll collecting is not for sissies.

So the final aftermath for me:

Yeti To Wear
Pomp & Circumstance
The Holograms
On How to Be Lovely...

Fingers crossed on the W Club to sell some girls to make more room.
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