Original Jem Cartoon Wardrobe Collection

So I have been a bit obsessed lately with the upcoming Jem dolls from Integrity.  I cannot stop thinking about them and all the clothes that I want to make for these suckers.  I have been watching old episodes and scouring the interwebs for truly outrageous research.  During the hunt, I found an amazing website from Pranceton. On that site is an amazing compendium of all the outfits seen on EVERY episode of the cartoon as well as a comparison to the produced Hasbro outfits.

Needless to say,  I lost an hour of my life staring at it last night.  It is amazing and I forgot how awesome so many of the original fashions were.  I especially love all the Rockabilly punk Misfits outfits.  So much fun.  Encore is still my fav.  But Like a Dream is a close second...

Come on, come on and be a Jem girl....
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