Tonner Convention 2012 Day One & Two

Tired!  So tired!

Anyway, we are halfway through the fun.  Thursday Night featured some pretty adorable flight attendants dolls, Shelly, Kay, and Captain Paul which featured the supergirl sculpt, a new sculpt (Kay), and what will be the new Matt sculpt.  I was tempted...but must save all pennies for Wonder Woman tomorrow.  The souvenir was a basic "Judy" doll using the Glinda sculpt on the new Starlet body (which I guess is tyler on top and hippier on the bottom...).  Our volunteer thank you gift was a supercool Nu Mood doll that I think is the Kit sculpt?  I was excited since I have not been able to nab one of these yet.  I was able to get the hands and feet from Gigi's Dolls in the vendor salesroom.

The Tonner Salesroom had some good steals as always.  I tried to be good, but could not resist two Cami and Jon outfits that were absurdly cheap (Sag Harbor and Play on Words) as well as a City Sleek outfit for my Mom's Miss Revlon doll for her birthday.  Of course she then went in there and bought it before I had the chance to give it to her!  DOH!  Luckily, Tonner staff are awesome and let her return it.  My own table in the vendor room did pretty well the first night.  I unloaded an American Model repaint that I did (hurrah) and a few hats and dresses.  I made a bunch of retro style dresses (think Madmen) and of course, lots of little hats.  I also made some fun t-shirts with iron-ons from tv shows and bands, etc.  I will try to get the leftovers up on etsy.  Of course I say that and never manage to do it...ugh.

Tonner Blog Thursday Info!   and yet still more...

Friday featured the Wilde Imagination event that had a cute Lisette doll and an amazing Steampunk Ellowyne with wings.  I totally grabbed that Ellowyne and promptly stripped off her clothes to resell the nude doll.  I am in love with this fashion! During the Ellowyne game, they should pictures of Ellowyne in some great Hunger Games outfits.  If those are the ACTUAL Hunger Games fashions...then I am beyond excited.  They looked great and exactly like the film (Blue Reaping Dress, Arena Outfit, Fire Interview Dress).

I managed to get my butt down to the competition room where I was pleased to see that my Harley Quinn Bomber Girl doll got a first place ribbon.  Weee!  There were many fun entries this year though definitely not as many as I expected.  I also got into the raffle room to put the first layer of raffle tickets in the bags.  The offerings seemed smaller than last year.  I focused the bulk of my tickets in the Imperium Park swag.  Lord I hope I win one of those.  I am dying to get them so very so so badly.  And I am trying to figure out a way to go to the Wilde Imagination convention in october...but I doubt that can happen with the theatre schedule.  Boo.  Maybe I can get a proxy to go to the Imperium Park events for me??? hmmmmmm....and then make sure I plan to go next time.

The Marilyn event was also this evening.  I opted to take mum to her birthday dinner instead.  I am not a Marilyn fan.  The doll is interesting but sort of toothy and sort of mean looking in the wrong light.  The likeness is definitely there and I imagine repainters will have a field day.  I was expecting her to be on the juggy body (curvaceous) but I guess she is on the Starlet....which seems odd to me.  Oh well.  I was not tempted.  The centerpiece was an 22" American Model version of her in the dreaded pink diamonds dress.

Tomorrow is the big event...AMAZONIA!  I finished my steampunk Wonder Woman outfit...very very excited about it.  The doll best be the original 16" Wonder Woman sculpt and NOT the 17" deluxe girl.  I am also hoping that the companion doll is another superhero done in a steampunk theme.  If its bassed on the comic then it could really only be Etta Candy or I guess Hippolyta.  I would be either of them but would love to get a steampunk Supergirl or something like that. And there is also the Amelia Thimble event (which I am skipping), Robert's seminar (fingers crossed that we get to see some hunger games stuff) and then of course, the banquet and pj party.  I did not look at the spoiler picture of what 'might' be the convention doll.  I am guessing some sort of birdy themed number.  I doubt I will be keeping her unless she has some sort of amazing sculpt.

Okay...time for bed.  Wish me luck at the auction and that I get the Wonder Woman Centerpiece!  it will be mine!
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