Day 4: Tonner Convention Wrap up!

Still so tired.  Ugh.

Dreamcastle Dolls has a fantastic roundup of all the convention dolls offered...

So the Sunday morning had me getting up at an ungodly hour to check out of my hotel.  I misread the schedule and thought that the vendor room would be open at 7:30 but when I got there, it was only the Tonner sales room open in the morning.  grumble...which meant I had an hour to talk myself into buying more stuff.  So I got the last of the Theodora Bennett dolls in the salesroom to go with the awesome Phin I won in the raffle.  I also picked up Clockwork Hypothesis just because.  Also a 13" Black Canary.  I am uber sad that I missed the Andromeda doll.  I would have loved to steal her outfit for Wonder Woman.  I hope it comes to a virtual factory sale at some point or I can get the outfit loose. I also went ahead and got another 16" Wonder Woman.  I wanted another gal with the beefy arms and I might use her to do a modern Diana.  And I like the sculpt.  I figure I can sell her outfit as well.

At the brunch, they did the auction for A Friend's House again which is also interesting and such a worthy charity.  Our favor was a FANTASTIC little flight bomber jacket and hat.  I loved it.  I also bought the Tiny Betsy doll that was available for purchase.  I could not resist Betsy in that little pilot outfit.  Too Cute!  After brunch the sales room was open for some last chance purchases and then we packed it all up. 

At home my husband was a little shocked by the sheer mass of boxes.  I put some of the girls on ebay, some on prego, and the rest on the Show & Sell Page.  I am also putting up some outfits.  I need to make room for the Imperium Park line so more dolls need to leave the Island.  I think the Halloween Alice and Wonderland dolls might get the ax.  I think I will keep hatter perhaps...I just love his outfit too much.  I also know that Hunger Games is coming and I will want those...ugh.  Maybe twilight needs the boot?  Decisions...or maybe I need a bigger apartment?

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