2012 Tonner Con Day 3: Wonder Woman, Birds, and Raffle!

My first event of the day was Amazonia.  I made a whole outfit for it...photos to come later.  The centerpiece was a killer 22" American Model.  I bought her.  She is fabulous.  The event doll was the same outfit on the 16" heroic body.  Both dolls came with two sets of hands.  I was also pleased to know that the Nu Mood hands do work on the Heroic body.  I think I will be getting another 16 Wonder Woman tomorrow to use for a Modern Wonder Woman.  This is a new sculpt as well called "Diana".  I do love the old one so very much...but this new one is nice too.  She looks a lot like Linda Carter actually.  I was slightly bummed that they did the same outfit on both dolls....but they are cool.  Now to get the other Wonder Woman American Model.  Must save pennies.

Flights of Fancy Dinner....lots of over the top and colorful bird themed dolls on antoinette bodies.  Daphne/Toucan, Antoinette/Cardinal and Parrot, Duchess/Peacock, and Precarious (aka Suzette)/Raven.  The Raven had a great edgy hairstyle and black shiny outfit that would work well with the other gothy themed re-imagination lineups.  I love the hair and makeup on the Parrot but the outfit looked like a gay-pride float to me (which is fun...but not my style).  The souvenir doll was a very pretty blonde Cami with updo and a pink dress. I think she will be popular but again, not my style.  Raven and Cardinal seemed to be the crowd favorites.

Then in the raffle I got SOOOOO lucky and won the Phineas doll !  Sqeeeeeal!  AND I won the Nu Mood Dance Cami.  I am beyond blessed.  So very excited.
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