New Superdoll Sybarite Quantra!

Another Fashion Police doll came out today.  I am not tempted.  I do, however, really like Talc!  That is the first one that has called out to me in a while.  Sadly, the money well has run dry...or at least all bound for Tonner convention in three short weeks.

GEN 3:2
Venus clone: 0779, regular skintone

Forensic Entomologist - Quantra

Holographic brown vinyl platform slip on stiletto boots, military cap, browning belts and silhouette shaper with kick me in the teeth pink legging in bias satin, holographic pink lame and milky latte lace blouse. Pink blushed lips, emerald eyes and tons of liquid eyeliner. Long wig side parted in multi tone coffee with blunt front detail. Boots and browning belt bearing SD "fashion police" logo's buckle. Hat bears custom laser cut insignia. Just for added detail, she wears a jaded mint enamel bracelet.

Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.
Please allow 40 days and 40 nights for shipping

Production may vary from prototype shown
click here for superimage
In stock
Price: £349.70 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
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