Tonner 2012 Mainline Release....

Check it out.
Precarious Line
The sculpt reminds me a bit of the Chicago/Suzette face...also applies lashes which I have no problem with. Very fashion forward clothes with interesting shapes and lots of details.  Pricey though.  There is no story info for this yet...
Intriguing-festive blue hair and kick ass blue suede heal-less shoes. Totally want those shoes.
Party Girl- again awesome shoes and fantastic silver tights.
Anything Goes- looks like a fabulous outfit for Cat Woman....I love it.
Swing Time- very chic.  I love it.

Simon Rouge is back on the 13" body which means more fun clothes for those girls coming out.  Also the Suzette sculpt on the 13" body...which looks good!  Maybe we will see Kitty Collier too?

Deanna Denton went to weight watchers evidently and she is now on the 16" curvaceous body.  I might have to steal the Red Hot Deanna Outfit for for supergirls....

Cami & Jon have a new dolls and outfits.  Steamfunk Cami has a very cool outfit but the doll is creeping me out with those inset eyes. I also like the outfit on Soho SheerSkyline is also a fun look.

Antoinette. Lots of poufiness here.  I do like the Winterberry suit.  Allure is pretty.

The American Models do nothing for me...though I still live and hope to get that Wonder Woman...maybe the raffle at the convention?  Mostly I am just not in love with the sculpt. 
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