Tonner Doll Sneak Attack Sales

From the Tonner Doll Facebook blog...

Hey Doll Lovers! 

Due to our brand spanking new system, we are modifying the way we SNEAK ATTACK:  Instead of a one-time use coupon code twice per week and whoever uses it first gets it, we are doing something different.  Think of it as a mini sale via coupon code for our online community only that will strike completely at random once per week, and last only for 30 minutes! Anyone  can use the code, and as many times as they want, as long as it's within the 30 minute interval.  The discount will range anywhere from 15-25% off, and there will be NO EXLUSIONS just like before!  And remember, this will only be announced via Facebook, as it’s an online-community promotion, but our Twitter followers and those who follow us on our new website ( and will, by default, be in the loop and able to take advantage!  The more, the merrier, we always say!

Again, we do the SNEAK ATTACK as a way to show our deep gratitude to you, our amazing Facebook, Twitter and online community!  Your continued loyalty, support and engagement never ceases to humble us, and for that, we THANK YOU!
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