Integrity Idex Previews...Hold onto your Purse Strings!

You have probably seen them by now...and hopefully you have already fedex'd your life savings to your nearest doll dealer...because these dolls are AMAZING.  The worst part is...there are MORE TO COME. I am clearly not going to survive the vinyl windfall this year.  Some of the current girls need to make way because these upcoming dolls are to good to pass up.

The  I have not been swayed by these in the past but this current line up is more than tempting.  My two favorites of the batch are Exaggeration and Admiration.  The outfits combined with awesome accessories and beautiful facial screening knock these out of the park.  I did manage to resist the pre-order though but I cannot say that I won't be eyeing future sales on these two girls.

 The FR16's look lovely but I am holding out on these until it is the absolute perfect storm of outfit, face, and hair color for me.  Same for the adorable 16 Poppy doll.  The Nu Fantasy Hansel & Gretal...very very cool.  The detail on these outfits blows my mind.

Now for the real squeal factors....Chip!  Holy moley I love this doll.  The sculpt is adorable...sort of Blaine-esque from Glee mixed with Jake from Sixteen Candles.  And the two-tone cute.  The Platinum Poppy is also so sweet...but she will be de-bumped the moment she enters the house.  YES...I caved and pre-ordered these in an instant.

My other must-have was Poppy as Sabrina.  OMG.  I wish I could have the whole she-bang but I had to restrain myself.  When I saw the Most Sophisticated Gift set, i got on the horn immediately and secured a pre-order.  Now I still have not gotten my Breakfast at Tiffany's giftset yet...taps foot impatiently...but I am sure I will be over the moon with the awesomeness of these sets.

It does mean that my brunette Poppy will be getting an eviction notice...can't have any repeats...

And just think...there is still the regular FR line coming. EEEEK!  Plus more Tonner.  Le sigh.
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