2012 Resolutions. Making an effort...Giving a damn.

I make them every year...I stick to most of them usually...

No new craft supplies or fabric.
  • I have rooms and boxes and rooms of boxes filled with yarn, fabric, and craft projects.  It will be hard but I must resist the urge to splurge and shop my stash instead.  I have so much to choose from...I am also trying to include patterns and knitting/craft books in this.  But that might be a losing prospect.  Notions are allowed since I might need to get a zipper to finish a skirt etc.
No new clothing.
  • I did the ethical clothing challenge in 2010 and it was great. I only caved three times the whole year: a backup wedding dress in case of rain from Anthro, a pair of skinny jeans after I hit my weight loss goal, and a Trashy Diva Doris Day dress while on honeymoon in New Orleans (technically I could call this a souvenir).  I think I can do it again this year...especially if I stick to the next resolution.
52 Craft Challenge
  •   I want to make something every week...something crafty.  It could be a skein of handspun, a new dress, a softie, a dish towel, etc...but i want to produce things and work through my stash.  This is a lofty lofty challenge. I know I won't always get something done every week but I hope that some weeks I can double up.  At the end of the year...I will have a pile of new things, treats, gifts, etc...
Give Hand-Made
  • This is something I have been doing for years now but every year I try to up my game.
Read More. Write More. Watch Less.
  •  Read and write  more.  Watch less TV.  Pretty straight forward.  Right now my goal is one night sans the boob tube.  I can do a lot with four hours.
One Doll Enters, Two Dolls Leave
  • I am sure to fail on this one...but even if I succeed once...it is a win. 
 And as Always....Make an Effort.
  • Make an Effort has been my standing resolution for many years.  Some days it means putting on lipstick...some days it is making the bed...others it can be running an extra mile on the treadmill.  It all adds up to taking control of your life.  Little successes can add up.  When the world is crazy, sometimes the small choice of digging through that drawer to find the underwear that matches your bra is all you can do.   
Give a Damn
  • This sort of ups the "make an effort" ante....in addition to lipstick and matching undies on occasion, I want to try to make a difference when I can.  Volunteer more, donate more, be present with my friends and family.  Listen More. Talk Less.

There you have it.  In the face 2012.
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