Sneaky Winter Knitty 2011 seems that the new Winter Knitty 2011 managed to creep up without my notice for almost a week!  Clever girl.  This weekend I need to plan out my travel knitting projects: print up patterns, organize needles, ball up my will be so much fun.  I still have not settled on what I will work on for the week...possibly socks.  Maybe a shawl.  I was hoping to find the Jane Austen Knits Magazine by now but luck yet.  Grumble.  So maybe one of these will make it into the queue...

Skyisle is yummy!  I love fitted fairisle cardys!  Norah Gaughan has a genius (*surprise to no one) cardigan called Vale.  The Alata out of malabrigo would be like wearing a yummy cloud...albeit a super pilly yummy cloud.  But I do so love is my yarn kryptonite.

I totally love the Groove Scarf/shawl by Stephen West!  I am a big fan of little accents around my neck and I think this pattern would work really well for some of my random handspun yarn.  I could use up a bunch of it in this and make a really interesting piece.  This might be my holiday winner....

The Escargot cloche is adorable.  I love the Achilles heal Socks...I have so much stripey sock yarn to use up. 

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