Tonner Halloween Convention Scoops....

The Convention came and went.  It was a great time.  Much vinyl goodness.  I drank lots of wine as well.  Yum.  Also had my flight cancelled and spent an extra night in Vermont drinking tasty vermont beer.  Never saw anyone that looked like Sam Shepard
Vendor was me, Jen Perski, Marsha, Helen Skinner, and Dodie from Modern Doll...slim pickens...good for me though.  My tattoo tights and rockabilly clothing separates seemed to be a hit.  I am making more of both as we speak and hope to get them on etsy/ebay along with my hats.

Raffle room...I won an Ellowyne outfit...Crying Shame!  Woot! Once again I tried to win my mom a Gone With the Wind doll but to no avail.
Tonner Salesroom...sweet deals on Twilight Dolls...I bought an edward distant devo, alice, & birthday bella for $50 each.  I got Damon Salvatore (yum) for $96.  They had Elena and Stefan and Jasper Cullen as well for the same price.  I noticed the Stefan's in the room look WAY better than the one I have already...ugh.  I must have gotten a particularly boof-tacular haired Stefan.  Haircut pending on that boy...repaints as well.  They also had the LOTR Galadriel, Aragorn, and Arwen for $50 each.  Galadriel sold out in a jiffy.
I also got the Voyage of Wonder Alice for $80!   I love that outfit so so much and could not pass it up at that price. They had the resin rabbit, the little Alice on the tiny Kitty body, and the Mad Hatter in the tartan skirt for a decent price.  They had a few ellowyne fashions and some of the older dolls for $55 and $89...nothing too tempting.  I did finally get a Sybil for $20...woot!  She sold out quick.  They had most of the new stuff there to look at...darn that Positively Negative is adorable.  I am still managing to resist Evangeline.

From the convention dolls proper...I adored the Knave of Hearts.  She is a great retro looking doll and the first Cinderella besides Harley that I don't hate.  I also bought Madness and Never on Time.  I resisted the rest.  I have sold the outfit off of our Beauty doll.  I might repaint her and let her hair down...
16" Harry Potter the same size as Tyler's world!  They are going to make dolls in both this size (in fashions from Deathly Hallows) and in the old scale (Viktor to come later this year and the big size McGonnagul).  We could buy Harry on a Matt body and Hermione on a convertible foot tyler with w/regular bustline for about $300 total...they will be $160 regular price.  Ron is coming as well.  The edition size on these is 350 and they will make more in other outfits if they do well.  I thought they looked amazing and the outfits were fabulous and really detailed.  Harry's Jeans even had little scuffs and rips.  So cool.  He looked wigged and she was rooted.  I thought they should have used the small bust for Hermione though...she looked buxom.
More DC and Marvel coming.  Both have been good companies to work with.  He mentioned the new 52 DC reboot which I am hoping means more dolls in the new costumes.  Though I still prefer my Wonder Woman in her star spangled panties.  I asked about the upcoming films from DC and Marvel and Robert said that they come out too fast for them to do it seems no Robert Downey Jr. in plastic for us.  Boo.
A 22" American Model in Resin is in the works.  Hold onto your pocket books.
Resin DC heroes still coming. He is working on the sculpts.
The movie company broke the Avatar clay they are redoing them.
Tonner has the Hunger Games films license!
More Gone with the Wind coming...he said, "thank god there were so many costumes in that film"...evidently they sell very well for them.
More Deanna Denton...sounds like there has been a retool/rework of her.
Tim Burton stuff coming in the New Year...toy fair is my guess.  They are really wanting to do the Dark Shadows Johnny Depp film as well.
More 16" resin dolls will be made for special occasions.
Possibly might go back to Tiny Kitty/Simone...they got distracted by shiny things.
Twilight license is all no more.
There is more Vamp Diaries specifics.  I am guessing flashback versions and not new characters but I could be wrong on that one.
Was asked about True Blood.  Robert loves it and it is not in the plans but they are open to it.
Imperium park (the Wilde Imagination Steampunk Line) is coming this december I think.
Ellowyne getting an African American friend...Lisette?  something like that...
We saw the new website...looks GREAT.  Tonner Direct will be integrated with it as well as the social media. 

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