Tuesday, April 27, 2010

State of the Garden Address: DefCon 4!

The City Gardener's Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Small Space GardeningWith nuptials looming and the very real threat of having our reception at our apartment instead of the theatre, (due to said theatre being a bunch of dunderheads) the State of the Garden has moved to DEFCON 4!!! Luckily I did some raking and weeding before all this rain started, so it could look much worse now. My perennials are happily making their way into the world though. The first strategic planting attack will be Mother's Day. I'll be sticking with reds, whites, and yellows for annual flowers. I must work on the front yard this year beyond flower boxes on the porch (I have generally ignored it in the past). Perhaps I should read up on some city gardening?

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