Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonner 2010 Rumors...Squeal!

Ohhhh. I am excited. Evidently for the DC Stars line, we are getting a Deluxe Huntress and Harley Quin. I am sort of lukewarm on the Huntress...but Harley will be awesome! Evidently there are previews in the Tomart Figures magazine and Huntress will be in the purple and black costumes. Hawkman is also coming soon. Also rumored is a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman (squeal!). I think we will be seeing Flash this year too. I keep holding out for Cheetah, Zatanna, and Robin...plus some villains! Green Arrow as well pretty please!

Also coming, the Prince of Persia (which we already new), Alice in Wonderland (which we already assumed), and Tron!
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