Episode #009 KIPing Silky Ninja

Filled with knitting, spinning, ninjas, dolls, costumes, theatre, crafty beavers, wedding, DIY bride, retro fashion, and more!

-Dax's Cardigan
-How to sew on a Button!
-Phat Fiber Box!
-All Twisted Up Fiber and Doll Fashions!
-Respect the Spindle: Spin Infinite Yarns with One Amazing Tool
-The Intentional Spinner: A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn
-Bella Mittens
-Amelia Earhart Hat
-Montera Embroidered Button Coat
-Bamburg Gloves
-Knitscene Preview
-King of Confidence Cardigan
-Ysolde Teague's Patterns for Haitian Relief.
-Temporal Scarf

-Ruffled Vintage Wedding Blog
-History of the Seersucker Suit
-Edward Hopper Project
-Uncle Vanya and The Phone Book at Strawdog
-Wildclaw's Legion and Macabre Mardi Gras: Dance of the Demented
-Artistic Home: Skin of Our Teeth
-Seanachai: Dancing at Lughnasa
-Dupage Opera Theatre: Turandot


Genuine Molded Plastic:
Tonner's Cami & Jon & 2010 Preview
Hee Park's Bambola
Angelic Dreamz Jamieshow Men outfits
Gene Convention

Crafty Beaver:
Zie! Shirts

In Closing:
Indie Wed
Knox College Rep Term
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