OOAK Royal Mermaid Mera Prototype on Ebay

Click to see! I love the little mermaid feet boots. If I had the cash I would get her...

This auction's proceeds will go directly to "Friends of Carol Dwyer " - to help our own Carol Dwyer in her fight against breast cancer. PAYPAL payments will then be forwarded to "Friends of Carol Dwyer" account that has been set up for her.

Please note, these donations do not qualify as a charitable donation as recognized by any state or IRS guidelines.

Never Produced Prototype

ROYAL MERMAID - Our mermaid (Mera head sculpt) wears a micro sequined body suit with a silk chiffon cape embellished with hand beading at the neck. Accessories include a belt resplendent with tiny scallop shells, a royal headpiece, detachable fins, and gold high heeled shoes. Display stand and COA are included.

This item is being sold directly by the Tonner Doll Company.
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