New Fashion Doll Agency Pola Doll

Another new girl...

Nationality: Brazilian
Height: 16"
Hair Color: BLonde
Eye Color: Green
Discovered: In the office of Fashion Doll Agency

I was hit with fashion fever very early in my life. I started by modeling children's clothes, then later I modeled swimsuits for shopping malls and nightclubs. A photographer friend warned me that I'd end up walking the pavement if I continued like that, so he helped me to make a portfolio which I sent to almost every agency in Paris, New York, and Milan. Fashion Doll Agency was the first to respond, proposing that I come to Paris. It was my first time travelling, and now that is all I do! » Chuckles.

What she likes most about herself: I like everything about me! » She gives a wink and laughs.
What she likes least: She playfully draws attention to her breasts, then laughs it off. «That's not true, I love them! If there's something I don't like, it's the lack of preparation before my actions. Most often I just throw myself into situations without thinking first. I realize the danger only after someone else is kind enough to point it out to me.
The first thing she does in the morning: Fall back to sleep » She bursts into laughter.
Clothing must-haves: High Heels The higher you appear, the more fear you instill!» She has another laughing fit.
Perfume: Dior Homme
Personal luck charm: A miniature statue of a virgin. «She's not only the patron saint of my village, but a truly beautiful object.»
In her purse : «Let's have a look.» She takes out a portable phone, a digital camera, a set of keys, some cigarettes that she quickly puts back with a laugh, and a little pouch that she refuses to open, the empty can of an energy drink.

In her purse: ‘‘The bag is more important than the contents.’’ Giggles.
Another job: Not for the moment, but thanks.» Laughter.

As shown, Dressed doll,

Ultra Ltd. Edition of 25pcs

Our Price: $325.00
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