Friday, October 23, 2009

FS/FT: Dolly Eviction Sale

I'm in the midst of a MAJOR purge and focusing down my collection to the DC Stars and my goth dolls and a few of these Fashion Royalty gals I picked up this weekend. So enjoy the dolly eviction sale and rock bottom prices. I will also be putting lots of stuff on my show and sell page and ebay as well! Please see below for my trades! Shoot me an email at (obviously removing the no-spam)

Prices do not include shipping. Dolls complete unless otherwise noted. Items from a non-smoking but cat-friendly home. International buyers welcome but I will only ship international priority mail and I will not lie on customs forms (sorry, i have been burned recently and I cannot afford to lose the money if something goes missing. Paypal or US postal money orders. I have positive feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

Fashion Royalty:
Live Wire Clone NRFB + extra wig $225

Tonner Dolls Complete:
-Rufus Rutter $75

Nudes with original hairstyles:
-Deluxe Wonder Woman Athena's Champion Nude $90
-Amazonian Warrior Wonder Woman $40 hold
-Amusing Antoinette (no stand) $65
-Spiderman Waitress Mary Jane $30
-Divinely Daphne-bangs removed BA body $25
-American Beauty Charlotte Brunette BA Body $20

Repaint-o-rama...prices for heads..but I will happily add a matching but not necessarily mint BA body or better if you want.

-Tyler $20
-Esme w/great hair $30
-$30 Velma Repaint
-$10 Red venus Gene Repaint

Tonner Clothes/OTHER:
Evangeline Ghastly Dark Night Wig Collection Brand New $50 (It's $57 at Wilde Imagination)
Blue Luna & Martians Glitter Dress only $15
Ellowyne/Prudence Miss Match dress & sweater $20
Weekend in Wash leather skirt $5
Black Wool Tyler Skirt $3
Boutique Graffitti Sparkle Blue t-shirt $5
Brenda Starr Silver Siren jacket,dress,& shoes $20
blue lace teddy $3
black alex trousers $5

Other Stuff:
DyDee Baby Collector's Book $3
Shoezies Gym Shoes NRFB $5-Fits Tyler
Gene Don't Fence me In outfit $15

Susie Stuff:
-BIC Shimotsuma Goth Susie Complete $75

Mini-fee Shu Shu w/faceup & eyes $275
Angel Region Jade w/two outfits $170
Haute Doll La Promese Liebchen ltd 25 $850

Other Clothes:
Red & Black Clea Bella body suit $5

And More on my Show and sell(but note that the prices are cheaper on this list than on the listing on the show and sell...)

Trades Wanted: Deluxe Supergirl, Deluxe Poison Ivy, FAO Wonder Woman trunk fashions, Diana of Themyscira outfit, Joan Crawford Jungle Red Outfit, Wicked Witch of the East, Hide & Go Creep Viktor Dreary, Liquorice Crush Madra (nude is fine), Sinister Circus dolls from upcoming Modern Doll Convention,Fashion Royalty Eden
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