Wu Club Exclusive AvantGuard Fashion Fuel

Weeee! An outfit for the AvantGuards...I totally order it as soon as I could. Love the shoes and the wig. I cannot wait. I do not understand the whining about the price. Yeah it ain't cheap...but the wig is great and the outfit has accessories. For about $20 less you would have your average tonner outfit that would come with a dress and shoes and maybe a pair of rhinestones...so it's really not a bad deal comparatively speaking. That's my rationalization anyway... oh and i totally stole the photo from the email...sue me.

From the source:
You asked and we have delivered! We are pleased to announce that we were able to secure a W Club exclusive AvantGuards fashion for our members. Even better, we are able to do this on a pre-order basis so that every member who wants one is able to order one during the pre-order period! So, without further ado, we are proud to introduce Fashion Fuel, a W Club exclusive AvantGuards fashion!

About Fashion Fuel:

This great collection of separates comes together for one fantastic look, or use the components to complement other outfits. The fashion includes:

* A honey blond side part wig;

* A red peplum jacket with black lace draped at neckline;

* A black satin slip dress;

* Leopard print platform pumps; and

* A bevy of accessories, including "leather" gloves, patent "leather" belt, black fishnet pantyhose and jett stud earrings.
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