New Sybs Afoot...Inque, Voltaire, Ivory, & Cross

Head over to Superfrock to get a gander of one of the three newly sculpted Freedom Sybarites coming out. The exotic girl on the front page is evidently a revised Inque sculpt with festive gold pasties. The second mold is Voltaire, and the third is Ivory. I think I like Voltaire the best. Ivory is interesting but a bit mannish to me. Evidently they are all featured in the newest Haute Doll....which despite my living only an hour or so away from where Haute Doll is published, I always seem to be the last person to get it. Grrrr.

And the Cross Sybarite is now available for pre-order for subscribers. Here is more info:

Cross goes on sale in our boutique at 10 a.m. (CST) Wednesday, Sept. 9. Doll is offered to subscribers only. Limit one doll per subscriber.

Haute Doll's newest exclusive from Superdoll is the Cross.

Cross wears a sheer black mesh top with sleeves delicately covering her hands in the finest black lace. She has polka dot stockings with custom print matching stiletto closed toe courts. A dramatic headpiece bears black plumes, a gilt cross studded in "diamonds" and a black and white polka dot bow.

The gown is a delicate combination of vivid colors - shocking pink, vicious red, canary yellow and black. The silk lining is pure red. The exquisite overlay of lace consists of delicate embroidery in red on red with a heavily emblazoned border. The lace pattern following through the floral to almost Victorian is heavily beaded in hot pink and bright red. The lace is held at the under bust with a repeat gilt cross studded in "diamond" and surrounded by vivid yellow. Encapsulated between the fine red lace and the red lining is a blouson of the most divine shocking pink silk.

Her make-up matches perfectly with red eye shadow and the inner corners of her pale sky grey eyes bear a blaze of fuchsia.

COST $820.00
Plus Shipping and Handling

This is a pre-order sale. 50 percent down reserves Cross today. Doll is expected to arrive in November. Balance plus S&H will be charged when doll ships.

Special Offer: Buy a Cross doll and get Innoquii for only $100!
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