Scintillating Ashleigh Tonner Exclusive

Roll out the exclusives's the first of many for this fall and she is pretty darn fabulous. This looks way more couture than recent Ashleigh exclusives and seems heavily influenced by the Antoinette line. I love her but I am resisting the modern gals in favor of the weirder stuff or comic dolls.

Here's the skinny:


Our exclusive Ashleigh head sculpt, re-sized on the Tonner Antoinette 16” articulated body, "Scintillating Ashleigh" is a Two Daydreamers and a Tonner Doll Company first! She is wearing a magnificent evening gown with meticulous shirring, extravagant ruffled collar, and elegant fabric flowers across the back of the skirt. Matching hat with floral and feathered accents create a look right off the Dior runway. Beaded earrings and bracelets, pantyhose, and faux leather strappy high-heeled shoes complete her outfit. Includes display stand. This is the first issuance of the Tonner Antoinette body with a new head sculpt.

Special $25 off pre-order price good only through August 7.

Estimated ship date: mid-to-late September

t9-fmsd-05Regular price: $274.99Sale price: $249.99
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