New Avantguards up for Pre-order!

Two new Avantguards are up! I really like the Attention! doll but must resist. I'm going to the Avantguard lunch at the Fashion Royalty convention so I am saving my pennies for that event and whatever goodies they might have there.

First up is the exclusive to Collector's Cottage in Australia: Attention!

Attention!, exclusive to Chelsea's Collector Cottage, wears a modern little black mini-dress that transitions into jewel tone green trim. Accented by fabulous green skyscraper heels and a feathered chapeau, this doll commands Attention! The doll features dramatic air-brushed makeup and also comes with a blonde ponytail wig, earrings, pantyhose and two sets of hands and feet to round out the offering.

Attention! is limited to 300 pieces. Priced at $304.99 (that's like $255 USD).

Then there's No Exaggeration! It should be available at any Integrity dealer.

No Exaggeration!
No Exaggeration wears an ultra modern pantsuit with chic harem pants and a fitted blazer creating a gorgeous silhouette, with a burst of accent color from her embellished mesh top. A feathered hat and mile-high open-toed t-strap platform shoes make this gal fashionable from head to toe...literally. The doll also comes with dramatic air-brushed makeup as well as a chocolate brown wig gathered in a low ponytail, two sets of hands, two sets of feet and stud earrings, making her the envy of all, No Exaggeration.

No Exaggeration is limited to 400 dolls worldwide. $245
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