Fashion Royalty Indulgences...I am hooked.

So I recently bought my first Fashion Royalty...Giselle something or other from Gigi's Dolls...Old is New I believe is her name. She's very cute. I love her little pouty face and freckles. And of course she is barely out of her box before I have already ordered two more. I snagged Luchia and Jordan on sale at Marlbe. I justify this purchase by my need for more models for the upcoming Fashion Royalty Convention, where I will be doing some room sales on my hats and couture creations as well as trying my hand at the competition categories. Sigh. I can tell it is going to be a slippery slope with these gals. They are ridiculously cool and uber-bitchy. I love this Giselle girl. I would like to get an Agnes to go with her. Expect some pictures and swag made for them in my copious spare time shortly.
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