San Diego Tonner Exclusives Revealed!

Black Canary! She's $175...brutal! It looks like she has the same sculpt as Circe which is a little more angular than the one they are using for Wonder Woman/SuperGirl/Ivy. I do like to decide if I will force my poor friend Charlie to go buy her for me...hmmmm.

Info: BLACK CANARY DELUXE, is 17" tall, limited to only 200 pieces (certificate of authenticity included) and will sell for $175.00 in TONNER booth number 4148.

And then there's Hungry Edward from Twilight...I think I will just get the regular version. This one is not really doing it for me. I suppose I could have him get one and then I could trade him for something cool as you know he's going to sell out for sure...

Info:Hungry, Edward from Twilght™
San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive! Hungry, Edward from Twilght™ will be available for purchase exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. At the conclusion of San Diego Comic-Con, if any product remains it will be available for purchase right here on!

EDWARD must fight his insatiable thirst for BELLA, no matter how Hungry he gets. This latest incarnation of EDWARD CULLEN™ features variant black eyes and comes dressed in a soft knit long-sleeved t-shirt and dark wash jeans. Socks, faux leather lace-up shoes, and faux leather bracelet with the Cullen Family crest also included.


Price: $129.99
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