Future Lara Croft Costume Options?

Okay...so I am wasting time at work and thought I would do a little re-con on the Chicago Lara Croft Quest for Avalon Exclusive. We know that Tonner has the license to Tomb Raider:Legend and all the fashions from that game. So I found a great sight that has a visual guide to all the outfits that Lara wears in the game...please check it out! I do suspect that Tonner might have gotten the license to Tomb Raider: Underworld as well though as Avalon is featured more in that game I believe...

So from this database...here's what we've gotten from Tonner so far:

Lara Croft: Legend default

Full Throttle: Biker outfit

Classic Beauty: Classic

Off Roading: Winter

Here's what I would LOVE to see (in outfit form please...no more dressed dolls!):
-Union Jack!
-Evening Dress Red

And I believe Robert said Lara was getting a friend...maybe it's Amanda? I cannot remember who he said...

And here's a Tomb Raider Cosplay page...with more costume pics..

As for the Scuba suit for Wizard World Chicago? Here are some possibilities:

-Black Dive Suit
-Blue Wetsuit from Underworld
-Grey Wetsuit

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