Tonner Doll News...Quick Updates

Okay, here's what I can remember in my sleep deprived exhausted stupor...

New Twilight Tonner Character Figures: Laurent, James, Victoria (wearing the black tank top, fur cape, jeans, and bare flat feet), Jacob, and Alice. We saw sculpt for everyone but Alice and a finished prototype for Victoria. Lemme just say that I can't freaking wait for these...they all looked fabulous. I am definitely planning to get Laurent as he will just look plain cool.

Doctor Who/Torchwood: We saw the prototypes finished. I loved them. I think David Tennant's hair should be longer like Twilight Edward's though. Capt. Jack and Gwen looked great. I like Jack on the Superman body...meow. Martha was very cute too. Sounds like there will never be a Billie Piper. Sadness.

LORD OF THE RINGS...need I say more. I warned my poor boyfriend to clear off a shelf.

Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhaal...and I think he said two female characters. I am guessing Tamina played by Gemma Arterton..not sure on the other one. The jake head sculpt looked pretty darn snazzy.

Wizard of Oz dolls with likeness of the original actresses and the coroner...

Disney's Princess and the Frog on the teen body with a more cartoony face...

Evil Queen from Snow White...she looked awesome.

Brother for the dreary gang...

Hawkman is coming but they have to wait a spell so as not to compete with the 13" figures from DC Direct.

Kermit is coming...Miss Piggy in Space is coming and looked adorable.

Continuing with the Legends Series with Ava Gardner up next.

Planning to do more Betsy McCall DC Stars...adorable-ness ensues. I love my new tiny wonder woman!
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