Tonner Convention Exclusives ACK!

Good gravy it will be an expensive summer for me...

So on TonnerDirect there is some teaser info:

San Diego Black Canary
San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive!
Villains beware, or this song bird will take you down with her infamous Canary Cry! BLACK CANARY™ DELUXE’s costume includes a pewter faux leather bodysuit under a glossy faux leather jacket with intricate lace-up detailing down the sleeves. Sultry thigh-high glossy lace-up boots, mesh armbands, choker, and trademark fishnet tights complete the look.
Price: $174.99
(This is the doll on the beefier Lara Croft body...)

Wizard World Philly Circe
Wizard World Philadelphia 2009 Exclusive!
WONDER WOMAN™’s most alluring adversary is preparing some nefarious sorcery against her mortal enemies, the Amazons. CIRCE™ comes clad in a sparkling faux leather bodysuit under a lustrous faux leather corset with serpent embroidery and chiffon drapes. Richly-colored chiffon drapes and sleeves cascade from her shoulders. Hooped earrings, multi-strand necklace, beaded bracelets, pantyhose, and glimmering faux leather lace-up boots also included.

Price: $175.00
(We are assuming this is the same doll we will be getting at the convention?)

Chicago Comic Con Catwoman!
Feline Fatale CATWOMAN™
Chicago Comic Con 2009 Exclusive!
Sparks fly between BATMAN™ and his stealthy yet seductive foe, CATWOMAN™. Feline Fatale sports a curve-hugging stretch velvet “cat suit” with gleaming faux leather armbands, belt, and thigh-high lace-up boots. Cat hood and faux leather whip also included.
LE200 (Price to be determined)
(This sounds like a more modern version of Catwoman!!!I will be getting this one for sure! Squeal!)

Wonder Woman Athena's Champion
WONDER WOMAN™ is Athena's Champion
Wizard World Philadelphia 2009 Exclusive!

Amongst her many patrons on Mount Olympus, WONDER WOMAN™ is Athena’s Champion. The regal princess of the Amazons comes swathed in a graceful flowing chiffon gown with opulent gold trim and a gleaming faux leather gold corset with eagle embroidery. Across her shoulders is draped a sinuous chiffon cape with gold “brooch” and on her arms she wears her signature silver bracers. “Coin” earrings and necklace, tiara, pantyhose, and faux leather high-heeled sandals also included.
Price: $175.00

(We are also assuming this is the companion doll for the Wonder Woman event at the Tonner Convention...I hope so as I am sure I will NEED her.)

Hungry, Edward from Twilght™
San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive!

EDWARD must fight his insatiable thirst for BELLA, no matter how Hungry he gets. This latest incarnation of EDWARD CULLEN comes dressed in a soft knit long-sleeved t-shirt and dark wash jeans. Socks, faux leather lace-up shoes, and faux leather bracelet with the Cullen Family crest also included.


Price: $129.99

(Hmm...I am assuming he is coming with the darker eyes and a slightly different outfit. As I don't yet have Edward, I would really like to get this one. Here's hoping I can talk someone into buying it for me or get it from the store later. They had the Phantom Zone Supergirl after the fact and she even went on sale! However, twilight fans are another entity and with the movie coming out...he might just sell out. Hmmmm.)

Quest to Avalon Lara Croft™
Chicago Comic Con 2009 Exclusive!

Lara Croft™ plunges into the Mediterranean Sea, searching for the legendary Thor’s Gauntlet. Her scuba costume includes a sleek wetsuit with contrast collar and side stripes, intricate working zippers, and resin scuba tank. Of course, she comes prepared for anything with her faux leather belt and holsters and dual pistols.
LE100 (Price to be determined)

(Holy Crap! A wetsuit! I am uber-psyched. I hope she has darker hair though...)
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