Ultra Basic Tyler in Blonde, Red, & Raven $5 off

Use the code TCS03 to get $5 an Ultra Basic Raven, Blonde, or Red Tyler featuring the all new face sculpt. The doll comes with a boring white body suit, no shoes, and no stand. They seems to have side-glancing eyes on some of them...which means you have a decent chance of getting a wall-eyed doll..but they are geared towards repainters so its a risk you take. The offer expires 4/1/08. Warning: I have heard shipping is a bit steep though for multiple dolls...

I am thinking about getting the red head...its a deep fire red and she might be nice for the Convention Fire and Ice Competition Category. I had planned to use my City Kit with the bright red waves...but I want a new Tyler to try a repaint...so it seems like a good excuse. And if you did not know already, you can get bendy wrist replacement bodies for your old girls by calling the Tonner Doll Hospital 845-339-2960. I believe they are $38 and they have the tan and pale tones in stock. I might invest in some to put on some of the repaints I want to sell at the convention that are currently on straight or bendy arm bodies. Hmmmm...now to find the money tree.

Oh, and new saddle standsfor $9.99..they look good but t'is a bit pricey to replace the p.o.s stands we have been stuck with for many years. Sigh. I hope they bring them to the convention so I can snag some there and skip the shipping costs. **Update...folks over on Prego have been saying that shipping is free for the stands! Weeee!
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