New Ball Jointed Fashion Doll on the scene!

Head over to Mazarine Dolls to check out pictures of the new 16" ball-jointed fashion doll hailing from South Korea. The first doll available is named "Sweet Hot Isabel" and is made from resin with 14 points of ball-jointed articulation. Like the Sybarites and Kinetics, she is a wig doll with painted eyes. The company claims she can share clothing with other 16" size fashion dolls. She will be limited in edition size (around 20) and will cost $520 plus shipping with a deposit of $260 up front. The price includes the doll, outfit, wigs, and a bag. Once the ordering closes the dolls are expected to ship within 2 months. These are mostly handmade dolls according to the website.

Th website can be a little tricky to navigate, FYI. But its filled with lots of neat info. There are size measurements of the doll, pictures of the sculpting process, and a message board.

I think the doll is very pretty and the outfit is very cute. Its right in the same price range as other ball-jointed fashion dolls but it seems like this gives you a bit more bang for your buck with the outfit and wigs. Of's a little scary to hand over $500 to an unknown foreign company...many folks have been burned by Deva Dolls (which is a shame because those dolls are STUNNING). Hopefully this won't be the case with Mazarine!
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