Leap of Faith...my new business

So like I don't have ENOUGH to do....I am planning to get a table at the upcoming Tonner Convention and sell some doll clothes and maybe a few repaints. I am trying to get all the tax-y paperwork done but the Illinois business website is not being cooperative. I have already made the patterns...now to test them and then sew up a storm. Lots of fun modern pieces though. Things I always wish someone would make so i decided to do it myself. I might also do some groovy couture hats as I love to do millinery. I am working out a few sweaters to knit...but that takes more time and not super cost effective. Its a bit scary...but I think I can sell at least enough to pay for the table and get my name and work out there. I also plan to enter the competitions again and hope that I return home with all my girls this year (stupid doll-stealing jerkface!) Right now I have things planned for Agnes, Ellowyne, Tyler, DC Stars, and Evangeline. I also want to make some basics that would fit the big superhero guys too. If I have time I might do some things for the American Model...but I am not sure. Then of course I can always get rid of the stuff I have at the moment that needs to leave. Must do something to catch up with this economic rut...and fund my dolly habits!
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